Fellowship, Advocacy, and Empower.

Our Mission:

We are a group of educators of color and accomplices* leading the work to address equity issues affecting our students, families, and communities of color as well as other marginalized groups.

Our Vision:

Our purpose is to create opportunities for partnerships with students, educators, families and communities of color as well as marginalized groups.

• To advocate for our needs.

• To address issues important to people of color and marginalized groups.

• To empower people of color and marginalized groups and give a voice to who we are.

• To ensure equity.

• To be involved in schools.

• To recruit educators of color and marginalized leaders.

• To perform outreach services.

• To continue to build a network of equity teams across the nation, and

• To provide connections to our communities.

We are committed to hosting events for students, educators, families and communities of color as well as marginalized groups in order to network, connecting communities with schools to form ongoing and reciprocal relationships, providing relevant educational speakers, forums and workshops, conducting surveys and convening focus groups, as well as recruiting students of color as educators, and participating in political action. Though racial equity is our priority we advocate and work with all marginalized groups.

We believe:

• There are free, public school options that fit our students.

• It is important for educators to mirror what our students look like.

• Diverse voices and perspectives of people of color and other marginalized groups need to be heard.

• Success for our educators and students is built on relationships.

• Building strong leaders of color and strong allies is critical.



Take a look through our news section below, where you will find  important updates, interesting anti-racism articles and more. If you’d like to learn more, simply reach out.

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RECN is hosting monthly RECN Meetups to support our BIPoC members and also increase our work in White Ally & Accomplice trainings to push forward now.  We can't stop. We must keep pushing forward while taking care of our beloved communities of color. We come together for next steps of action to move us forward in anti-racism work.

Currently due to COVID19, we are hosting virtual meetups via Zoom. A link will be provided for your to register.


RECN Core Team has engaged students and staff in listening sessions at several schools in the Rainier UniServ Council area. Feedback and follow up on accountability with administrators to remove equity barriers is always part of our goal as we provide our Black Indigenous students and educators of color a safe space to speak their truth.


Many of our RECN Core Team members are also WEA trainers.  We offer courses in Cultural Competency and Implicit Bias as well as Certification trainings and are always expanding our work towards anti-racism in our unions and our public schools.


RECN’s Mentor Program is designed to recruit, support, and retain educators of color​. Find out more on our mentor program page.


Our RECN Core Team members use our diverse voices to write about a variety of topics and highlight perspectives of people of color and other marginalized groups that need to be heard.

Check back for new entries.


Rainier Educators of Color Network [RECN] Equity Leadership Team organized a conference attended by over 350 WEA members, students, community members, administrators and legislators.



Together we explore how to find power in our creativity and our stories, and how these practices can in turn power our movements for change. Each day they will have a slate of speakers and guests to help guide conversation.
Join these free workshops and be part of the union’s growing community of love, power, and liberation.



If you have questions about the registration process, our schedule, or general information, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



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