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The Conference on Racial and Social Justice Conference 2022

The conference has been freaking amazing with so many empowering speakers and presenters. Each of us has learned something new on our continued journey of liberation and joy. Today we focused on networking and bringing more individuals into our family. Yesterday we meet Dante King, an energetic, charismatic, passionate, deep-diving, invested individual who speaks about Black Truth. He has a powerful and emotional message for all of us and has a book we highly recommend for you, The 400 Year Holocaust. We saw him again today and spent time getting to know him more and his journey that has brought him to this moment to cross our paths. Watch out Seattle, we're looking into doing a 12 week program with Dante to dig deeper into our relearning and reckoning with our tumultuous history. Laying foundations for generations to come. #CRSJ2022 #BlackJoy #BlackLiberation #TodayIsTheDay #WakeUp #IGotYou

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